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Of the many pointless and whimsical endeavors I engage in, this one is probably one of the more fun. As you may or may not know I generally have an affinity for Legos. Last year at Autodesk University 2016 they had some really cool swag. They had Lego figures with "I heart AutoCAD" on the chest. This is a marriage of two of the more nerdy things in my life, Legos and AutoCAD. So naturally I developed an unhealthy obsession with these figures. 

Unfortunately I cannot go to AU this year. So in this darkness and desperation I devised a plan! So it is with great noobness that I present to you #OperationBrickman!

So what is Operation Brickman you ask? Why its my exploitation of the niceness of the guys of the Unprofessional Engineering Podcast. Out of the goodness of their heart they have not yet issued a restraining order on me. So I took this as clear indication that they would be willing to help me in my quest to acquire some Lego people. 

James and Luke, the wonderful hosts of Unprofessional Engineering, will be pod casting live from Autodesk University 2017. The will be meeting with some of the coolest people at AU 2017 and giving highlights of the events. How frigging awesome is that!

So now that you have read this, you are an honorary member of #OperationBrickman. Your task is to seek out James and Luke as they are pod casting live from AU 2017 and remind them to grab a couple of these Lego figures for me. 

I hear some asking: What are you going to do with them once you have them? The answer is simple. I will use them to complete my Lego shrine to Autodesk. (and with that sentence I think i have written the nerdiest thing I will ever have written)

See how the shrine was made here (

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#OperationBrickman AU 2017

(update 11/28/17)

An update is due!

With a fantastic performance from James and Luke from Unprofessional Engineering #operationbrickman was a success!!

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Floyd. Fresh from the lights of Autodesk University 2017 #AU2017.

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