I recently got to check out Lynn Allen's take on 2017. IT was hosted or sponsored by IMAGINIT Technologies

I've caught a couple of Imaginit's web events and they are on par with others I've seen. If you are looking to catch up on some releases or other industry topics I'd definitely check them out. I caught one the other day that gave me a nerd-on and has sparked my interest in some of the new designing techniques. Go check out their event list and you might find something that peeks your interest. 

On to the main event! Lynn Allen and AutoCAD 2017. I think you can find a recording of this webcast on Imaginit's web site if you wish to check it out. 

I got to hear Lynn Allen speak about 2017 and its new features. The most exciting of which is the ability to import PDF geometry natively into AutoCAD 2017! I have a work around and have spoke about how to get your PDF into CAD before but the ability to do it directly in CAD will be a great time saver in the future. 

One of the other main new features is smart center-lines and center marks. Thankfully i haven't had to do these much but I'm glad to know that if i have to any time soon this will be a nice addition. It basically makes an object that has handles and grips that allows you to fairly easily and intuitively move and manipulate the objects.

There are a couple other promising developments in 2017 but the PDF and center mark features are the highest on the noob list of interests. 

Lynn Allen has also just released her latest tips and tricks article. These always have plenty of pearls of wisdom so go check it out. Lynn Allens Tricks and Tips.

For those who need to knock out a little more noobieness these webinars are a great way to step up your game. Id recommend getting in the habit of trying to schedule on of these webinars at least once a week so that you can be in on the cutting edge of whats going on in the CAD world. If there is nothing on Imaginits list go check out the CAD IQ webinar that happens about once a week, or you can even search Autodesks events list and find one that suits your interests best. 

I've spun my wheels enough. Go check out a webinar! Id also like to thank Lynn Allen and IMAGINIT for another great resource in my noob arsenal.