I know it has been some time since my last post. I didn't want 2019 to go by without a post so in a true procrastinators fashion in posting this on the last day of the year.

I haven't forgot about the website, it has just been the nature of my work lately. About a year and a half ago I accepted a new position with my company. This new role greatly expanded my reach and scope of what I have been doing and has given me a much better perspective on all things CAD though this has come at the cost of productive free time. I currently have an article in the pipes as well as another podcast so hopefully you seem something new soon. 

All that said I've been having a really rough go with the inner working of ye ole website. I'm looking to change provider for these services so the efforts which usually go into content creation have been directed towards site maintenance. 

Thats not to say the noob has been asleep at the wheel. As ive mentioned before i spend a lot of time in the Autodesk Forums. I cant recommend visiting that place enough. Its an outstanding place to learn so much from so many people. Also im kinda active on the twitter and a little on Facebook so check me out there as well. 

Well, i did it. I made a post in 2019!... Lets hope i get a handle on things in 2020! Happy new year!