So I'm constantly being asked why I haven't been gracing the internet with the presence of a newly misspelled post lately... well the much waited response is the overwhelming power of the illicit corners of the internet to capture my attention. So much inappropriate content, and so little time. 

But in all seriousness i have been studying up on a few things and have been flexing my noob muscles. Predominantly I have been loitering in the Autodesk help forums. I have been committing some time each day to look over the problems other people are having and I have learned SOOO much. It seriously feels as though I have reached a new level of knowledge. In other words some of the noob stank feels like its starting to fade. So if you are looking for something to sharpen your skills, I strongly recommend you stop by and check it out. 

The most amazing thing is that I have actually been able to help people with some of their problems. The community in the forums is great and there are so many people there who are willing to volunteer a little time to help you out so if you ever find your self stuck with a problem or question just pop in to the forums and float your problem/question there.