My alarm clock goes off and I wake up with great anticipation! Today is AU 2015!



Ok, not really, but this is what I tell my self. Despite having an odd change of luck in my personal finances which made AU within my grasp of affordability, I was not able to swing it. Unfortunately I must miss out on another AU. I actually had the money and had the PTO, but realized that if I spent that money I might have to deal with social services and a furious wife when I returned. Turns out the wife is not a fan of eating Ramen noodles for a month so that I can go hang out in Las Vegas for a week. It would be glorious if I could get my company to pay for it, but that's not in the cards this go round either. So It is with great pleasure that I take the next best option to AU. Autodesk Roadshow!!!

Autodesk is constantly sponsoring, promoting, supporting, and hosting numerous events all over the world and you just have to have your ear to the ground to catch them. They also have many online events as well. I like to try to make it to the "Improve your AutoCAD IQ" webcast they put on weekly. For a list of these events you can go check out Autodesk's events page. You can search by region and format (and cost) to be abreast of the goings on with Autodesk. 

Since i'm poor, today is my AU. I'm going to the Plant 3D Road Show! POW!

I just have to pretend that my Ford POS is a jet liner carrying me away to sin city. So my jet lands at the conference center and I step out of the terminal only to smell the dank air of my home town... that I am now pretending is is a fresh Nevada breeze. Really I shouldn't be hating my ole stomping grounds. There is a tone of industry around that allows me to support my self with this wonderful profession. 

I kick open the doors to the hustle and bustle of a frenzied show room floor. On closer inspection its just the cleaning staff, but it doesnt kill my buzz. I turn the corner and there she is in all her glory! The banner of my flagship and sure sign that a free breakfast and trade show swag will soon be mine; it's the Autodesk logo!


Clam down every one, i know you will all have hours of questions for me but we must keep our whites about our selves. Its ok to be happy for me... I totally got a free continental breakfast and a complementary Autodesk pen and pad... jealous?

Ok enough BS, but it was pretty legit. It was a show case of AutoCAD Plant 3D, and AutoCAD Advanced Steel. I know i probably wont personally be playing with a production release of these products anytime soon, but I am in the CAD game for the long term and I want to know about everything Autodesk has to offer. Every time I see Plant 3D I'm amazed by its functionality. I keep thinking.. "when I build my plant that's what I'm going to use." This of course is immediately followed by the realization that I personally will never build a plant, but fuck off I can dream. I think the best thing about it is the database behind it. I am constantly in contact with firms inquiring about specs and what not so the prospect of having it all in one fully integrated program like Plant 3D just seems like a Cadillac ride. Advanced steel is knocking on that same door. Its amazing the things that can be done and how quickly they can be done. I have had a little training on these two vertical suits of AutoCAD but it was neat to see some of the new stuff offered in 2016. 

In addition to these two product demonstrations there was a presentation on integrating workflows using several of Autodesk's other products like Recap, Revit Navis works and many more. 

Overall it was a great way to spend a morning learning a little more about what it is that I do for a living. The presenters were excellent and very knowledgeable, but in true noob fashion I had no questions to ask cause I was in well over my head. Got lots of great things to google and a few tricks as well.

So after mingling and networking a bit it was time to return home after a long week in Las Vagas... Ok, Ok... after the 10 O'clock mark it was time for every one to get back to their day jobs. As I peel off my printed name tag with Autodesk nestled right under my name... I look back at another successful (poor mans) AU.