So the world is filled with knowledge built into everything. The key is to speak the language of the element you are trying to study. One of the keys to figure all this out is self study. So these young folks (I'm still kinda on of these) have a Rosetta stone in the internet. 

Ok ill stop waxing so eloquently and say "there be lots of learning on that there youtubes." If you can stop using the internet for porn for a few minutes there are vast communities dedicated to helping you bridge your personal gaps in your noobness. 

One of the resources I have been following for a while is the "Build your AutoCAD IQ" webinars. These things are great! I have learned a great deal from having attended these. The topics they cover range from the simple to the complex. They have them about once a week. Personally what i have done is taken my lunch during the webinar and dedicated one lunch a week to be a learning lunch. The webinars are live with some of Autodesk's help-desk and other guests presenting a wide range of topics. Whats even better is they also record these webinars and have many of their past topics available on youtube

I just attended one by Volker Cocco where line types were covered. The best part about these kinds of things is that I know most of the stuff covered, but there almost always seem to be one or two gems that I have never heard before and these are what i bank on to give me the little edge to help me crawl out of my noob cocoon. 


If you are like me and looking for any opportunity to step up your game I'd highly recommend checking these out! They are free and they are ready and willing to answer your questions.