There is nothing like waking up at noon, surfing the web and binge watching Netflix in your underwear. Unless you binge watch "Lost"... I mean really guys what were yall thinking with that one... I guess to really tie in the pun in the title of this article i should have said Gohstbusters, but "Lost" was just terrible. 

Of course we all know what I'm describing, this is the modern job hunt. Whats worse than the let down of a TV plot/character that went on one to many seasons is the absolute depression set on by the hours of filling out applications online only to have NONE of the companies ever contact you. 

I went through this feeling of hopelessness when I decided to switch careers. Even with a shining technical and scientific resume and a package fresh AutoCAD certification I could not get any attention. I was even willing to work for peanuts just to get a foot in the door. 

Well, in my story, I eventually landed a job the old fashioned way. I was diligent and worked hard and performed many sexual favors. But seriously I picked up a phone and called an old friend for some help. Yep, I networked in. 

But still the experience of running up against the robo gatekeepers was exhausting and left an impression that is not easily forgotten. 

Recently I was invited to a workshop. They had me at free lunch. The title of the workshop was "Rick Gillis Presents: The Future of Your Career."

The workshop was fantastic. It confirmed to me that a lot of my problems with getting a call back was that I was likely never reviewed by a person. Most of my hard work was getting screened out by software. I never made it past Zuul. 

Rick presented a new perspective on job hunting that was exciting. Fortunately I do not have to use his tools at the moment but I have gained the confidence that if I find my self jobless again I think I have a much better chance of becoming the key master. 

One of the biggest takeaways for me was the Resume formatting. In Ricks book "Job!", he provides a method of creating a resume that has a fighting chance of making it through the filtering of these automated resume systems. 

Some key things that made an impression for me: Short form resume, seeking statement, and Keywords section. 

The short form resume is a resume that is built to get through the firewalls of these automated HR Bastilles. Its a condensed versions of your resume with specific content to help allow your abilities to be recognized. 

The Seeking statement is not to be confused with the objective statement. It answers to the explicit job for which you are applying. This one was a golden tip for me as this is the information that I was putting into my cover letter. The dirty secret is that the cover letters never made it into their systems so all my effort in that arena was wasted. 

The keyword section is exactly what it sounds like. Just a list of keywords specific to you and your abilities and the jobs you are seeking. Building the keywords section is a little more complex. Rick devoted an entire chapter in his book on key words so be sure to look that over before dumping job descriptions in there. (that will get your resume kicked out.)

If you find yourself on the hunt for a job, this book is a great tool. Go to and check it out. He has lots of resources there and on other sites like youetube. Before you spend another week in your underwear give it a gander. It might make the difference between landing you next job or re-watching "Lost."