CADnoob Euclidia 1

So if there were not enough ways to waste productive time out there, I have found another great one!

It also has one of the coolest quotes I've come across: "There is no royal road to geometry" - Euclid

The upshot of the quote is that knowledge in the truest sense is not about money, power or status but about learning a concept and its application. The difficulty is a great equalizer. 

Actually its not so much a waste of time but a great way to flex the ole gray matter. I stumbled upon this game while looking for STEM games for the kiddos. 

Behold all the awesomeness that is EUCLIDEA

While 'researching' for this article i discovered that its not only available to android but apple as well as an in browser PC version

This game is a fantastic crash course on the rudiments of geometry. Its name sake is Euclid who is the grandfather of geometry. We completely drunkenly stumbled through a podcast about Euclid ( so this information is fresh in my head and what a better way to follow up the episode with a game you can play while you poop. 

Bottom line, its not the next hit game like angry birds or candy crush or mine-craft because this game is not for mindless consumption. This game has a much more intellectual bend and I personally feel like i'm polishing up my CAD skill toolbox. To solve these problems you really need to use geometric concepts similar to those presented in Euclid's elements.

Don't let the installed launch icon fool you. That feels dated but the game its self is actually polished on the inside. Its got a nice clean interface and some pretty decent tutorials to get you started. 

CADnoob Euclidia 7


As for the game play you are presented with a geometry puzzle. Once you complete it you can advance to the next level. The first couple levels are just to get you familiar with the use of the tools. Afterwards you are given a limited number of 'moves' to achieve the stated goal. You are not limited in the number of moves but once you surpass a certain number of activities you are no longer able to achieve the stars necessary to completely pass that task. In other words its not about brute force but a thought out solution that is needed. There are two measures of success one where it just satisfies the task and the others are determined by how the tasked is completed. 



CADnoob Euclidia 3 

CADnoob Euclidia 5


The level advancement is pretty standard fare for games in the puzzle app genre. Once you earn stars on each level you are able to advance. This is actually way more difficult than one would think. Its not about getting a lucky start or having the right block fall on a screaming pig. You actually have to figure out geometric principles and how to apply them efficiently. They have some pretty cool inspirational quotes as additional rewards for completing the level. 


CADnoob Euclidia 4


I would love to say that I have handily defeated the game and made Euclidea my bitch, but it seems more the other way around. Its not that its impossible to advance but it definitely continues to advance in difficulty (at least to the level i have made it). 


CADnoob Euclidia 9.1


So for the CADnoob this is a great way to spend some time. I love playing this game and I don't feel like i'm just mindlessly wasting time. Go give it a shot.