Updated: 2/1/18

I have been in love with Micorsoft Trackball Explorer for soooo long... But I think it might be time to move on. I recently found the Elecom DEFT and wrote a review.  I was pretty sure the DEFT had taken the TBE's place in my heart. Just as I was getting ready to put this to bed, Elecom goes and does one better! IF you are unacquainted, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the Elecom HUGE!



I ran across this thing and immediately ran to Amazon and bought it. Unfortunately I didn't read the fine print and I had to suffer the worst thing ever...I had to be patient and wait... The trackball would take a few weeks to get here. As the quintessential tech savvy individual I set out to social media to complain:


Well the day arrived and I have slipped into the new world of loving my peripheral device again.

The Review

This device feels great,  looks great and I have slipped right into using it and honestly think I have found my new precious. 

The hand cushion is nice though I'm not sure it is necessary, but it kinda matches the cushion on my keyboard so it's got a fung shui thing going for it. 

 The only problem I have with the device (and its a small one) is that it has an edge in an odd spot. My thumb rubs the edge occasionally and I think it could have been made with out this edge. so yea... the problem is marginal at best. 



There are 10 programable buttons. It has a scroll wheel with click and tilt wheel. It has an adjustable pointer speed which can be acssed by slide switch right next to the thumb. It also has a high and low battery consumption button. 

To use the button customizastion you have to use thier software. Similarly to the DEFT its a little tricky to get if you are not an IT oriented individual. I have read another review that having this proprietary button programing software caused issues when it came to gaming but I havent used it in those applications, but figuered id share that tidbit if you are looking to use this for gaming. 


My particular model is the M-HT1DRBK. This is a wireless USB model. My Elecom DEFT had a battery consupmtion issue so Ill have to follow up in a few weeks on wheater or not this problem is also part of the HUGE. I bought some rechargable battaries so its no longer a problem for me as much as an occasional nussiance. I compared the specs of the HUGE to the DEFT and it was supposed to have about twice the battery life so perhaps i wont notice the battery problem on the HUGE. 

So why do they call it HUGE? My guess is because its pretty big and I think this was the key that was missing from the Elecom DEFT. It didnt have that big beautiful marble at my finger tips. You can see the comparison of a run-of-the-mill mouse, Elecom DEFT, Elecom HUGE and the Logitech M570 below. 


So the big question is, Is the Elecom HUGE a replacement for the Microsoft Trackball Explorer? In my book yes. Granted its been years since I last used a TBE, but I think I can stop longing for Microsoft to come to their senses and re-release the TBE. So for me the search is over! Ive got a new home in the Elecom HUGE. 


Ill be sure to follow up as i use the deivce. 


Update: 9/12/17


Loving this thing!! I switch back every now and then to the DEFT and immediately I know that the HUGE is my new favorite. I haven't had any battery issues. By this time my DEFT scroll wheel had started squeaking and nothing like this has happened with the HUGE.

There is an odd thing that happens every now and then. I use a single keyboard and pointing device for two systems using a switch and i think this is part of the reason im have this issue. Occasionally the Up and Down are reversed.. meaning when I move the ball up it goes sideways. I had this issue with the DEFT as well and it only seems to happen after I use the switch. Good news is that simply cycling the power on the trackball fixes the problem.



Sooo.... just changed the batteries. Not sure if they were the source of the issue but it was unresponsive and changing the battery solved the issue so I’m guessing that this was the deal. That means this thing is tracking about 20 days for two AA batteries. YIKES that's not much time. I might go with a wired option if I buy another. On all other fronts this thing feels so great. Love it still with its power consumption issue.

Update 11/28/17

I havent changed the batteries since the last time I used them so perhaps i had bad batteries last time I changed them. 

I have had some questions as to the size of the ball its self compared to the Microsoft Trackball Explorer. I brought in the ball from my defunct trackball explorer and compared the size fo the two balls. The HUGE has a larger ball than the TBE. In the Below image the TBE is on the left and the HUGE is on the right. 



 Update 2/1/18

Everything is still going great. I havent changed the battery since the last update in november. I have had a change of PC since then and i spent a little bit of that time playing with a new mouse so perhaps it just hasnt seen the amount of use, but the nice thign is that enough time has passed that the battery issues isnt even a thing. I think i was just a little prematurley worried. 

I still prefer the HUGE to the DEFT, but the deft has become my goto travel trackball. 


Update 1/8/2020

A recent post in the Autodesk Forums reminded me that I haven't followed up with this post in a while. Im still using the Elecom HUGE as my primary device and still absolutely in love with it. 

That said i have noticed a few issues. 

  • Connectivity - (at least for the wireless version) It seems to lose connectivity periodically. I haven't found the reason yet. In the past I assumed it was battery related which caused me to change batteries frequently but i have noticed on occasion that the connection is lost with good batteries.. so now i dont know if it has batteries issues or connection issues haha. The fix is as simple as turning it off and then back on or by switching between speeds. Its not a deal breaker just something to be aware of. 
  • Direction orientation - Occasionally it seems to forget what is up and down and reverses them. This usually happens when I accelerate the ball quickly from a resting state. It usually corrects its self quickly but on occasion I have had to cycle the power on the device to fix the issue. 

About a year an a half ago i bought a second huge for the office and took the other device home for personal use. The office device has help up to daily use. I fielded a question about the wrist pad and how well it held up. For the most part the pad looks just about like it did when i bought it. Where frequently used button clearly show the smoothing that happens over time the pad looks to be holding up fantastically. 


Update 3/3/2020

Recently I have been getting double clicks with a single click of the mouse. Bummed cause i think its the switch going bad. That said im not sure its not related to the connectivity issue either. I blew out the device with compressed air to try to fix the issue, but that didnt work. I know others dont have the connectivity issue with the wired version so Im thinking i may make the switch to the wired version. Going to the wired version will allow me to know if the switch is bad (or will go) or if all the issues are connectivity related. That said, im still on my honeymoon with this device.