CADnoob podcast #11 - Rene Descartes

Podcast 11 - Rene Descartes

Join the Noob and his cohost as he talks about a bunch of stuff he doesnt know and kinda talks about Rene Descartes. Descartes is a fantastic contributer to the world of math and science. In this episode the noob classesly disrespects all of that. Most importantly he is the Father of of the Cartesian Coordinate system... in other words the way we locate eveything in the CAD world.

Tips and Tricks
Tip: Use lisps and APPLOAD to make life easier
Trick: Purge Reg apps

Alcoholic beverage of the show:
Sam Adams Boston Lager
Abita Cirrusly Wheat
Parish Brewing Canebreak

Sweet Circle Template that looks like a transformer eye
Not an OSNAP game, its testing them skills. The Eyeballing Game
Facebook Heptic Feeback Gloves
TrustRadius Best Computer-Aided Design
Autodesk Navisworks
Mathmatician is actually a Group of Mathmaticians
Bookathathourus - Golygon
Table Sized Digitizer
DraftSight Image Tracer
CADnoob inkscape image to DWG
Onshape File Storage
Fusion 360
Future of CAD To inifinity and Beyond
Tinkercad to Fusion 360
Autodesk bought PlanGrid
API in the courts

Rene Descartes

Cartesian Coordinate System

2020-01-27 CADnoob

CADnoob podcast #10 - DWG VS. DWG

Podcast 10 - DWG VS DWG

Join the Noob as he drunkenly stumbles through a moment in DWG history where the legal stakes are high in an epic battle for the ownership of the dwg file format (trigger warning a little politics be afoot)

Tips and Tricks
Tip: Clean up your drawing

Alcoholic beverage of the show: Jucifer IPA

Al Dean Twitter
Gartner Hype Cycle
Hexagon Aquires Bricsys
The Autodesk File lock
Lepin loses legal bettle with Lego
Anagost on Block Chain
Stingray got the axe
Autodesk Aquires Plangrid
Autodesk Unity Partnership
MX3D bridge
Microsoft Excel 365 geography data type
Dont fear technology


How to tell the version of your AutoCAD file by By Opening it in a Text Editor
Law suit against Solidworks
.dwg info
Microsoft DOJ
Microsoft DOJ 2
ODA reverse engineering
John deere tractors
Patent war
586's and trademark

2019-04-18 CADnoob

CADnoob Podcast #9 - Peripherals

Podcast 9 - Peripheral devices

Join the Noob and gues.... well just the noob this go round as he tries to host
the show by his self and talk about news gossip and peripheral devices.
He also loves talking about his track ball and the SpaceMouse Wireless Kit.
Its all about peripherals!

Alcoholic beverage of the show: (the shameful) Four loko

Oldschool AutoCAD demo: Welcome to the Danger Zone
The value of Laser Scanning: Laser Scanning
Block Chain use case: Use Case
Contechcrew show 133: Bassem Hamdy
Plant 3D on Holodeck: Video
AutoCAD 2019 Fabric: Article
Heidi Hewett: At Bricsys
Bricsys: Shape
Hexagon bought: Autonomous
Solid Works World 2018 (SWW): Sweet intro
Lynn Allen: At SWW 2018
Midwest University: AU's cousin
Solid Smack: Measure of a man and woman

3Dconnexion: Space Mouse Wireless Kit
cool mice: RAZER

Additional links
Keyboard sound

2018-10-18 CADnoob

CADnoob Podcast #8 - Coordinate Systems

In this 8th podcast CADnoob and Jess discuss several things related and unrelated to coordinate systems and try to clean up the gutter talk… and utterly fail. I believe we set a personal best for getting shit wrong… Enjoy :)
Tips & Tricks
Guiness Extra Stout
Designs life after you are finised
Block Chain
The Planet Cybertron - Sketchup 3D warehouse
Space Park 360
Autodesk cuts 13%
Autodesk University 2017
Unprofessional Engineering
Unprofessional Engineering podcasting live from AU… from the noobs perspective
Lego House
Dropbox and Autodesk
AUGI wish list
Logitech Virtual keyboard in VR
My favorite CAD curmudgeon
Autodesk Graveyard
CADWorx at Brcsys convention
AVA Upgrade
TinkerCAD has brickmode!
New Podcast
Engineer Vs Designer
Coordinate system
Coordinate system DMS
Coordinate systems, map projections, and geographic (datum) transformations
ArcGIS - About CAD coordinate systems
Surveying for Civil and Mine Engineers: Theory, Workshops, and Practicals
COORDS system Variable
Babylonian Tablet
CAD specific

2018-01-09 CADnoob

CADnoob Podcast #7 - Gaspard Monge

Join CADnoob and Jess as they discuss drafting news the noob found interesting and as they discuss the father of Descriptive Geometry - Gaspard Monge!

Gaspard Monge - (from wiki) : (9 May 1746 – 28 July 1818) was a French mathematician, the inventor of descriptive geometry (the mathematical basis of technical drawing), and the father of differential geometry. During the French Revolution he served as the Minister of the Marine, and was involved in the reform of the French educational system, helping to found the École Polytechnique.

Shiner Octoberfest
Guiness Irish Wheat

Tricks and Tips

Creation of Simpson 3D episode
Simply Complex
Tinker Cad & Circuits
VR 3D modeling Google Blocks
CADnoob's new trackball Elecom Huge
AUGI 2017 Salary Survey
Refrence Manager
Prerequisite Checker
The CAD Geek takes over twitter here
Solidworks beer simulation check it out here
Whats CSWP? Certified Solidworks Professional
Industries Disrupted by VR
AutoCAD Tutorials
Operation Brickman #OperationBrickman
Explainer video of Projections and descriptive Geometry

Gaspard Monge and Descriptive Geometry

Color Consistancy
Youtube showing that color B is the same as A
True Shape

More on Descritptive Geometry
More on Gaspard Monge
More on Blueprints
More on History of drafting
More on Gaspard Monge
More on Book By Gaspard
More on Gaspard Monge
More on Descriptive geometry
More on Descriptive Geometry
More on Descriptive Geometry

2017-10-10 CADnoob

CADnoob Podcast #6 - Standards

Join CADnoob and Jess in this episode as they explore the world of standards by proving that they don't have any.

“The language of graphics has been used for thousands of years; however, its effectiveness in modern times is due to the establishment of standards. There is no effective communication without an agreed-upon standard of signs or symbols.” - G.Bertoline

Episodes tips/tricks

Hold Shift while drawing to get temporary orthomode (only at 90 angles)

CTRL+pgup/pgdn to switch between model space and paper space


Beer Ghost in the Machine

AUGI wish list

Ms paint not dying

Uprofessional engineering


Stingray from squidbit

Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror VI

Microsoft paint snip


CAD Statistical Usage

Zelda Sword

CADthoughts podcast

Autodesk showcase retire

Autodesk advanced concrete retire

AutoCAD core console

Stingray program

Autodesk circuits

CADworx on briscad

VR Oculus rift

VR HTC vive

VR Chcikecn Stereo scope

How pron drive tech

Standards Wiki

Technical Graphics communication

ISO 128

CAD standards


Drafting Manuals

Metal sound clip by

2017-08-28 CADnoob

CADnoob Podcast #5 - Euclid

In this podcast the noob and jess discuss many things semi related to CAD, AutoCAD, Autodesk and genitalia… Eventually we talk about Euclid the Grandfather of Geometry. Enjoy!



Customization to bring back classic workspace script

Autodesk plant 3d

March CADness

Retiring programs

Scott Shepard

Smithsonian Models


35 years of CAD

Steven Johnson 33 years of CAD

Carl Bass


Euclid - Raymond Flood graph

Tips and Tricks
“Sub commands”… they appear to be part of the select subset as seen here:

Proper foot wear

2017-04-18 CADnoob

CADnoob Podcast #4 - Customization

In this podcast we marginally explore Customization in AutoCAD.

F3 toggle (and more)

Youtube showing adding Command Icon : Command Button Icon

Screen shot:
Screen shot


Fusion 360


Other Notes:
AU (Autodesk University)
lego figuers
Explore customization stuff

2017-01-10 CADnoob

CADnoob Podcast #3 - Landscape Architecture

Join the noob and Jess as they discuss many things and review a segment about Landscape Architecture.

Tips and Tricks
Use Space Bar to Repeat Last Command

Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architecture
LSU Landscape Architecture Program
Carlson Software
Auodesk Civil 3D
Sketch up Drafting Program

Civil FX

Mike VI (LSU Mascot)

2016-10-24 CADnoob

CADnoob podcast #2 - A Noob History of CAD

CADnoob Podcast # 2 July 2016 a noob history of CAD. In this episode CADnoob and Jess look into a little bit of the history of CAD and Autodesk,


change .bak to .dwg
Inspiration for episode:

Additional podcast with history:

Ivan Sutherland Sketch Pad:

John Walker:

Mike Riddle:

Byte magazine (page 172 for CAD):

Additional cad history:

Check out some old cad running (circa 1980)

2016-07-20 CADnoob

CADnoob Podcast #1 - Debut Podcast whats new AutoCAD 2017

CADnoob Podcast #1 is CADnoob's debut podcast where the noob an guest finaly get a podcast recorded and talk about whats new in AutoCAD 2017 as well as a few tips and tricks.

Show Notes:
Lynn Allen
Free trial of 2017

2016-07-06 CADnoob