CADnoob book a tha thaurus


This is a mgaical repository for useful and non useful words in the CADnoob lexicon



AEC: n architecture, engineering and construction

API: n application programming interface

AR: n Augmented Reality

AUGI: Autodesk User Group International

Brownfield work: n - Work thats being done where there is preexisting elements. Basically something like an add on opposed to starting with a 100% fresh design

BIM - Building Information Modeling

CSWP - Certified Solid Works Professional CSWP

Descriptive Geometry - the image-creating technique of imaginary, parallel projectors emanating from an imaginary object and intersecting an imaginary plane of projection at right angles. The cumulative points of intersections create the desired image - wiki

Gaspard Monge - father of descriptive geometry

GCS: Geographic Coordinate System

GIS: Geographic Information System

Gnomon: n - In CAD its frequently centered at the origin (0,0,0) and indicates the directions of X, Y, Z. (

Golygon - A polygon where each side is loner than last

Graticule: n- a grid of longitude and latitude

Greenfield work: n - Work that is being done with no prior work having been done. Clean slate. No existing buildings or structures etc.

MR: n- Mixed Reality

P&ID: n Piping and Instrumentation Diagram 

Projection - is a 2D image of a 3D object at a given perspective. Some common protections are orthographic, isometric, oblique and perspective projections. 

Sexagesimal: n- A number system based on 60. Contemporary numbers are base 10, the number start over once you hit 10. Sexagesimal starts over at 60. Think of time where there are 60 seconds for every minute. 

SPS: Slate Plane Systems (also Slat Plane Coordiante Systems SPCS). Predefined grids systems for doing geospatial location work (US specific)

Stereotomy - The study and practice of cutting solids into designed shapes usually latter to be assembled into a more meaningful structure. 

SWCP: n- Solid Works Certified Professional

Transverse Mercator projection: n - This is a projection... its probably better if you just wiki this one

True Shape - True shape is straight forward once its explained. True shape is a the shape of an object when it is perpendicular to the viewing plane. Another way to think about this is is you take a circle and then rotate it on its side it will start to look like an oval or ellipse. The true shape is a circle.  

 VR: n- Virtual Reality

Not so Useful

Book-a-tha-thaurus: noun - You are looking at it.

Bumblefuct: verb - 1. In complete awe of the level of ineptitude or lack of competence. 2. A sense of paralysis induced by exposure to stupidity of a scale with which one has never experienced coupled with a concurrent fear that this event may have damaged the metaphysical universe.

Premature Clickulator: noun - A person who clicks the mouse button maniacally with no actual useful command coming from the action. 

Mathtific: n- Relates to math related things like science relates to science related things... cus reasons.