CADnoob book a tha thaurus


This is a mgaical repository for useful and non useful words in the CADnoob lexicon



AEC: n architecture, engineering and construction

API: n application programming interface

AUGI: Autodesk User Group International

Brownfield work: n - Work thats being done where there is prexisting elements. Basicaly somehting like an add on opposed to starting with a 100% fresh design

BIM - Building Information Modeling

CSWP - Certified Solid Works Professional CSWP

Descriptive Geometry - the image-creating technique of imaginary, parallel projectors emanating from an imaginary object and intersecting an imaginary plane of projection at right angles. The cumulative points of intersections create the desired image - wiki

Gaspard Monge - father of descriptive geometry

Gnomon: n - In CAD its frequently centerd at the origin (0,0,0) and indicates the directions of X, Y, Z. (

Greenfield work: n - Work that is being done with no prior work haveing been done. Clean slate. No existing buildings or strcutres etc.

P&ID: n Piping and Instrumentation Diagram 

Projection - is a 2D image of a 3D object at a given perspective. Some common prections are orthographic, isometric, oblique and perspective proijections. 

Stereotomy - The study and practice of cutting solids into designed shapes usualy latter to be assembeled into a more meaningful structure. 

True Shape - True shape is straight forward once its explained. True shape is a the shape of an object when it is perpendicular to the viewing plane. Another way to think about this is is you take a circle and then rotate it on its side it will start to look like an oval or elipse. The true shape is a circle.  


Not so Useful

Book-a-tha-thaurus: noun - You are looking at it.

Bumblefuct: verb - 1. In complete awe of the level of ineptitude or lack of competence. 2. A sense of paralysis induced by exposure to stupidity of a scale with which one has never experienced coupled with a concurrent fear that this event may have damaged the metaphysical universe.

Premature Clickulator: noun - A person who clicks the mouse button manicaly with no actual useful command coming from the action.