This project has been a son-of-a-bitch. I swear I cant take one step forward with out stepping into some pile of shit left behind from the other people who handled these drawings. A word of advice for the noobs, don't be that guy. Think about where these drawings are going and clean up along the way.

Enough bitching. I have got all my tools laid out and everything ready to start this batch of drawings. The prep work on this load has been ridiculous and arduous. I have already had to do oodles of fixing and tinkering and formatting just to get to this point. Finally its go time! BAM! Dead stop... WTF is a proxy object!

The proxy object: So This looks like I am going to have to add one more thing to my long list of aggravating things. We all know that the industry is always changing and the software frontier is always expanding. As a results of this there is an increasing need to have several different types of equipment or programs working in unison. This is the situation that gives birth to the Proxy Object.

AutoCAD accommodates a lot if interworking with all the products that Autodesk provides as well as third party programs. When these elements from other programs are brought in, they become what is called a Custom Object. You could probably think of it as an xref from another mother. Now the problem comes in where your local set up is not able to handle, or is not set up to create, manipulate, etc. these Custom Object. At that point AutoCAD doesn't just drop the object, it maintains it but it is no longer a Custom Object, it becomes a Proxy Object.

There is still data and what not in the Object and so AutoCAD some times has problems doing things with it. In my case AutoCAD cant bind the xrefs which contain these objects. At this point in the game we are pumping out the finished product so I don't need the additional information in the object so I just need to strip it all down throw it into a drawing zip it all up and throw it on a shelf.
Luckily there is a solution tailor made for me!


Open the troublemaker drawing and type AECTOACAD in the command line. First thing you notice is a bunch of options... I have no clue what all those do... but I do know that if you hit enter twice it creates a new drawing for you and so far all of these have bee free of defect for me! There is surely all kinds of shedding of data that might be important to others so make sure your drawings are at a point that you can afford to lose this info. It seems like it basically explodes everything.

Perhaps one day we will go into more detail about what happens  and the other options available but I'm looking for a quick fix this go round.