Every now and then a new problem arises that leaves you scratching you head for a solution. In my case this is usually followed by swearing and Google searches.

I recently opened a drawing that was supposed to be a softball to edit, but instead I got a short education. Today's article is brought to you by the letter FILLMODE.

I opened my drawing and my lines were empty. I realize that sounds odd but what I mean is that my polylines which are usually filled with some sort of colored goodness were no longer filled. Its almost as if they are just our lines of the polylines.


My first instinct was to toggle the show/hide line weight option. This did nothing and then I was struck... I have no clue how to fix what seems like a simple problem.

Luckily for me it was a simple problem and now I know of a fancy new command. so if you too find your self in this pickle just type in:


ITs one of these system variable so its a toggle between 0 or 1. In zero mode apparently it does not fill the polylines. So I'm all set. WRONG... nothing happened. On a whim I decided to do a REGEN and bam! All is well in noobville.

Now there is the pesky problem of how this happened on a drawing that I am the sole owner of and have never set out to make this change... imam just chalk it up to that voodoo that seems to plague noob. Hopefully one day ill know enough to figure out this black magic, but until then imma keep noobing things up.