Ok so I'm sitting minding my own business and CAD comes in all talking trash saying it isn't going to do what i want it to do. I want it to print in monochome... i.e. no colors but everything I try CAD insists on printing some things in color! This ever happen to you?

So its time for a noob lesson on True Color. 

Say you have a drawing with all kinds of fancy color coordination and what not but for proof purposes you need to issue a monochrome version to your client, or boss, or ant-race overlord. I found my self in this very situation. I created the following as an example.


I printed this in monochrome

I was expecting a nice black and white print out but instead what I go was this:

So natural you go double check your printer settings and try again with the same results. So you think perhaps there is something going on with view port overrides maybe, but nothing seems to get it.

The secrete lay with the properties of the letters or objects. When I look at the letters that print in black they have colors that look like single numbers or names.

Now if I look at the letter that are printing in color they have numbers.

There numbers are given to it when you select a color from the True Color section. So to fix this just select a color from the main color index.

I changed the colors for the first problem letter to the following:

And now when I print in monochrome I get the following results.

Voila! problem solved.

So why does it do this? It all happens due to things beyond my knowledge, but I can throw out a little arm chair quarterbacking like the best of them. It happens because AutoCAD uses a proprietary color system where color are assigned a number 1 to 255. AutoCAD being as awesome as it is recognizes that users some times want other colors so it made the other color systems available. The only catch is that when you use pen assignments like monochrome these are looking for AutoCADs proprietary colors and so when you throw a true color at it, it just passes it over and the end result is that it passes color to the printer.

For my purposes all I need to do is change to the ACI colors listed in the color index and ill be fine, but know some users will need to use true color and still be able to print to monochrome. I'm not sure of the process but I believe you have to setup a custom pen assignment type thing. You have to create a STB. So yea... that's as about as vaguer as I can make that. Perhaps one day I will encounter a need to do this and at that point ill write a little more detailed post on how to do it. In the mean time just try to convince everyone that ACI will be fine. Good Luck!