Just like the shitty sequel to a bad movie, here I am staring down the same problem I've looked at before, but this time there is a catch. The lead up to my current issue is the same as list time: detailed here. However unlike last time the sharks have lasers on their heads... but this I mean my old tricks didn't work.. or at least it didn't look like they did.

So following my previous experience, I used QSELECT to grab all my text, but unlike last time there were lasers...err I mean the text grips didn't light up showing my text selection. So I figured I was boned. Bu I remembered I could still change the font to not use big text and I gave that a try. It did not work. (if I would have closed the drawing and reopened it, it would have worked.. but you must remember, I'm a noob and going to do the wrong thing first) The reason it didn't work is that the text would have to be ,in a sense, regenerated. I tried REGEN but that of course didn't work.

I was at a loss.... how in the world do I fix the problem now.  Then it dawned on me. There is a limit to the number of grips that will show up when you select multiple objects. There is a system variable for this.


When I typed this into the command line I saw that I had a limit set to 100. There is a good chance that there will be more than 100 text objects in this particular drawing.

So I did the QSELECT thing again, but this time I hit the options keys

 Ctrl + 1

It was obvious at this point what was going on.


There where 635 objects so there was no chance that the grips would have shown me that anything was selected. From the options window I just changed the style and boom there it was... So yea.. this is just a cheesy sequel with a lame twist... but I did get to learn more about the grip object limit!