REDRUM REDRUM! I may not be as eloquent.. or literate... or grammatically competent... ...suffice it to say I'm no Stephen King, but this mirror text issue has me thinking murder. 

I use mirror quite frequently when drafting in AutoCAD and my text always gets mirrored. Most of the time its no big deal as the text is not crucial that it maintains symmetry. I can usually eyeball things or the text is of a nature that I have the freedom to place it any where in the drawing that is convenient. I have finally encountered a case where it is important to maintain the location and it cant be mirrored. This puts the nood in that old familiar state of needing to accomplish something and having no clue of how to get it done. The zen noob. Below is an illustration of my issue. The text on the right is a mirror image of the text on the left. Works great as a literary device but in my current project this is the antagonist in my cheesy horror. 

Researching things i come across TORIENT. I though I was saved, but ultimately it was not the silver bullet. I figured id mention it as it has the potential to be a real useful tool. This command will orient your text along a line. Below is a illustration showing some of what it can do. Remember this was not my ultimate solution though. 


One could see that i could make the solution work but given the other way i did it kinda makes the TORIENT solution a little to far out of the way. 

Ultimately the way i solved the problem was by toggling one of those glorious system variables. there is a system variable which will stop the text (or start the text as the case may be) from being mirrored. 


If you need your text mirrored or you want to turn it off just change your variable from either 1 or 0. After this just use your mirror command as usual and you will see the change. In the image below I changed the variable in between mirroring the words on the left. Voila! Another noob catastrophe avoided.