I needed to switch my data rows to columns in my data table. I didn't find out how to do that, but i did find a half ass work around. This one may not be for everyone and i thinks its a lame resolution to my problem , but it is a resolution non-the-less. 

I'm working on a plot plan for a subdivision and the plots are layed out in a fashion much like a piece of paper. In other words the are taller than they are wide. Not really an issue, until I'm asked to put owner data onto the lot space on the plot plan. The problem then become how do i fill all that data on these lots while having the data readable. The data in this has to remain attached to a data link [hopefully Ill do a piece on data links some day]. In other words the end user can update a spread sheet instead of editing the drawing. There in lies the rub. As a noob i cannot get these damn table to behave like I want. Idealy there would just be a transpose option. For what ever reason there isn't so I'm stuck trying to put this long thing into a small hole... uh uh hehehe

Like a rake hidden in the grass the work around slaps me in the face. Ill simply rotate the table. 


Well, the jokes on me, the text rotated with it...

Then, Like another rake in the grass it hits ma again... I can change the cell text orientation. There is a little bit of a catch here as you have to select the cells them selves and not the table. So you have to click on the individual cell and then right click and select properties. 

Boom goes the dynamite! Problem is now gone and the noob has vanquished another foe.