Back with a fresh noob problem.

So I frequently pump out drawings where everything I care about is in model space. I just disregard the whole paperspace aspect. Well it just so happens that a third party viewer that the end user  is using only looks at paper space... of-fucking-course, but cest la vie, Ill just zoom extents and send it on its way. Well this worked well for a while but it inevitably caught back up to me.

I need my paperspace to look just look like my modelspace. One solution would be to make the paperspace the same size as my model space, but I need the paperspace to be 11X17 for my workflow. There in lies the rub. So I make paper space 11X17 and when you do the lines do not show up like they do in modelspace. I need to set my line scale in paperspace to be like modelspace, or change the line scale in the view port so that I can make it look like modelspace.

Here is what my model space looks like.

But here is what my paper space looks like.

You can obviously see that the line elements are not the same. this is very problematic for certain print outs and for the end users third party viewer.

I started looking for a way to change the view port overrides and found nothing (that worked for me anyway). Same thing in the properties of the view port...

The answer lay in one of those glorious and mysterious system variables.


After entering this magical command I changed the value to "0". In Standard noob fashion not a god damn thing happens.... but I'm getting wise to these CAD noobery issues and suspect that I need to a REGEN. Boom goes the dynamite. Now it should be noted that this has to be done for each paperspace tab. So if you have three paperspace tabs you would have to do it for all three if you wanted them to all look the same.

Till next time..