So the noob is back to pushing through oodles of drawings. I grew very tired of having to import a layout size every time I deleted a layout. Long ago I created a template with the size and layouts that I wanted, but right after I did this I changed hats and started a new task so I was was off doing some other work. Well I have come full circle and now I have to come to realize that the drawing template does not control the size of the default layout size.

This weeks the noob's white wale is how in the hell do I change the default size of a paper space layout.

Turns out I never setup my template right either. So in jest i hoped that would be a simple fix but it wasn't. Just incase you want to know it does set up the layout when you start a new drawing but it doesn't change the default size of the new layout that pops up if you deleted a layout. This shit is aggravating! For those who want to know how to set up you template properly go to options > Files > + Template Settings > + Default Template File Name for QNEW. This works great if you are creating a green document, but I'm processing a load of drawing someone else created so its not working for me.

I hath foundeth the solutioneth.

For a visual this is my model space:

If I go and delete the paperspace

when it pops back up this is what I get in my paperspace:

you can see the excess space above and below... its not a good fit for 11X17

Ok so the long and convoluted solution starts at a point that makes a little sense... but not really. The place where it stores the default paper space layout is in printing history. Yep... from an evolutionary perspective it makes sense... but it would make much more sense if they was pulled from a template or some other setting. Perhaps there is something I'm missing to have it make more sense but that's where it is now. So I know what your thinking we should go tinker with like a pc3 file or something right?.. that would make sense as well but this is not where the solution is...

To get the size you want as the default paperspace layout size you must first think like a default paper space size... or at least if you cant think like it you have to print like it. Print something and select the paper size you want as the default size. I choose the PDF printer so I don't waste paper. Once you have all the setting trimmed out print it. this will put it into the print history.

Ok so I printed to a PDF now what. The next step is to set the default to the previous printed size. This is doen in the options menu. Type options in the command line.


OK the next thing to do is go to plot and publish tab. on the top left there is an option to set the default for new plots to be the last plot.

Once that is done I delete the tab again and get this:

Voila! I just cant fathom why its still such a convoluted process.