Every time I work with ancient blocks created shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire I think to my self "some one should update these blocks and make them nice again"... and then I realize I'm a lazy schmuck and just leave it be.

Well not today!! In proper Murphy's law fashion no good deed goes unpunished.

The stage is set, I'm off an running creating a wonderfully simple block with simple dynamic elements. I test the block and my text is standing still and not behaving as it should. WTF!! There are like.. three elements and one attribute, its not like I'm creating one block to rule them all. I've played noob enough to now that I should try to listen to what CAD is telling me so I look down and see "unlocked AttDef filtered from selection."

Simple fix right, just change the properties of my attribute and all is well. Here in is where the noobs earn their stripes. Changing the properties to locked did not work.

Normally there is no need to not lock the position but occasionally I like to move the text in (this particular block) so I figured what could it hurt.. turns out a lot.

I started looking all over the place for the solution. I googled to find the other missing locked option to no avail. So I tried restarting AutoCAD... not luck. So I said screw it lets restart windows (you earned this asinine part of my trouble shooting Microsoft). Nothing worked.

I got pissed and just rebuilt the block from ground up and boom it works like it supposed to! WTF!!! I know I'm a noob and I do dumb crap but I don't need any help making this harder than it is. Apparently there is a bugaboo in CAD that sometimes causes this change to not be reflected in elements even though the properties menu has made the change... and it has this consequence. Its hard not to feel like the universe isn't picking on me some times.

So the solution is to make sure its locked when you create the block and then don't change it!