So here we are again. On another great noob adventure. This one is a little less "I screwed this up" and more "how can I make this better." so its more pleasurable to my ego.

I frequently rev existing drawings. Often I have to rev something small and when I go to finish the revcloud, the damn thing reverses its self. I like to free hand rev so I don't have the option to choose the direction after I'm finished. In other words the cloud is concave ... or convex... when I don't want it to be. The damn thing is backwards. This happens frequently enough that I need a way to reverse the direction of the revcloud. Well I just so happens that this is not an option. at least not one I have found a solution to so far. The work around is fairly simple so I wasn't sure if I should post it, but I added the step of making a cool macro so I figured I'd share.

So here is a picture of the issue.

So the first step in the manual process is to use the command:


In that menu you want to select the decurve option.

This straightens it out. I know this is kind of nowhere near where we want to be but the revcloud is ultimately a poliyline so there is no clean way to do it other than tearing it down and building it back.

Once this is down, you can use the standard revcloud command and use the object option in the command. You will also notice the ability to reverse the cloud in the option as well... bummer its not there in free hand for me.


Ok so that's a lot of crap to do just for such a little garbage geometry... But the beauty of AutoCAD is the automation and customization. So ill create a command. This is done the same way that I did in an earlier piece about creating macros. So I created one and plugged the following into the command. For this example I call up the CUI and gave it an ICON so that I could later put it on my quick access tool bar


And for the finished product here it is now in my quick access tool bar arsenal.