We are gathered here today because I have run across a problem... a problem with noobs. That's right I'm calling me out... and all the other noobs. We have to take ownership of our bad habbits or rather general lack of skill.

Ok so I'm just really complaining about a drawing I received, but I have noticed it to be a common issue associated with noobs (and even occasionally the experienced) CAD operator.

The Problem: A 2D drawing with geometry in the Z. It looks like some sort of bad argyle design.

I was working on a drawing and I could not get it to behave so I cracked open the properties tab and I noticed that one of the lines had a thickness. Thickness is different that line width. Thickness is a projection of 2d geometry into the third dimension, into the Z dimension. Since this is a 2D drawing this obviously was not right. I have had similar issue with there being values in the Z area of the properties tab for lines that should have just been completely simple and flat. That issue caused all kinds of problems with OSNAPs.

Some have used the FLATTEN command but it did not results in a product i liked so i changed the values in properties tab. So that's it. A simple fix.

So to all my noob peeps... This post has been brought to you by the letter Z.