I am creating some Miltileaders for a set of drawings that I am now working on. Normally all this kind of stuff has been handled by the time I get a hold of drawings but today Is special and i get to learn something new.

This one is actually short and sweet, but thats mostly cause Autodesk already solved the problem and tried to make it simple for me to figure out... but the nood in me will prevail... I will make the simple difficult. 

 So I created a fancy multileader for this project (the fancy one is not pictured below) and my problem is that the place where the landing attaches is always on the right (or left). Its not technically wrong and the drawings are ok ,but it just looks squished and when you place the multileader directly above the callout point it goes to the side of the block I created. What would be nice is if the multileader pointed to the side of the block regardless of the position of the block. Its hard to explain it but you want I want the place where the multileader line attaches to the block to rotate around the block. But instead I get the behavior below. 



Like i said this one is simple. After spending a few second digging around I happened on the answer provided by the wonderful LTISACAD in the forums. 

Basicaly the solution is you just have to have opened the dialog before and there it is... whats got two thumbs and is a total noob? This guy!


Go to the Multileader Style menu by clicking the little arrow under the ribbon panel or type in MLEADERSTYLE. The go to the content tab and change the attachment from "Center Extents" to "Insertion Point"


Viola, It rotates around the block as desired.